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"I have a very hard time thinking of a headphone I've had more fun listening to; the urge to bop my head and tap my toes was irresistible at time"

"The Meze 99 is now one of my favorite headphones. I'm blown away by so many aspects of the 99"

"The headline point though is those walnut earcups: these are solid blocks of walnut, CNC milled and then hand finished and polished; not in the high-gloss manner of the dashboard of a old Jaguar, but in an artisanal matt finish that gives the headphones a sense of almost organic ‘rightness’."

"The Meze 99 Classics are handsomely designed headphones that deliver an exciting audio experience"

"And, of course, the dynamics: 99 Classics sound very lively on moments even raw, without sounding flat and compressed."

"Siding with audiophiles and considering competition in our realm, I view the 99 Classics as very high value. And make no mistake, I'd much rather listen to them than the Focal Spirit One and Aëdle VK-1 in our collection"

"Meze 99 Classics have a pneumatic, even-handed, ear-neutral sound. Highs are crisp and shimmery; their even, laterally wide sound pressure and energy are probably the biggest reason people suggest the 99 Classics have a large sound stage."

"Here the soundstage superiority found with the Meze 99 Classics steals the show, capturing his percussion on "I'm an Old Cowhand," making me remove the headphone to see who was delivering "more" cowbell behind me."

"The Meze 99 Classic is a really easy to drive be it a reasonable smartphone, DAP or efficient portable amp, the choice is yours. This is also one of those few headphones that I can have no complaints about with regard to smartphone amping performance ..."

"They actually make me think of a smaller and closed version of Sennheiser HD800. Yes, I liked them that much"

"I genuinely appreciate how these look, they ooze the notion that they are expensive and many will love that! The wood is gorgeous too, I have a soft spot for good craftsmanship!"

"A nice review for our Polish fans"

"A nice review for our Polish fans"

"They look beautiful, sound great and are much more exclusive than other headphones of this type. For me it is one of the most interesting models in this price range. Highly recommended!"

"Here we get color variants, increased serviceability, and great build quality wrapped up in one with the Meze 99 Classics"

"The comfort of the new pads have really helped for longer use."

"I really enjoyed playing with these headphones. The sound was rich and fun, all made even better value by the superb carrying pouch and accessories, plus the fact that it has been created by an award winning innovator and designer."

"These headphones are for those that appreciate excellent sound quality and design, not for those who need a pair of cans for the bus ride to work or who want some headphones to watch their favorite TV shows on."

"The 99 Classics organic and natural sound is truly special. It’s admittedly relaxed at first listen, but as soon as you stop thinking about what you might be missing, you’ll start hearing just how immersive it is."

"To conclude, seductive in its classical presentation, the Meze 99 Classics helmet enjoys a very serious realization..."

"I also achieved very good results with the Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2 , which supports the lively sound of the Meze headphone. Nice side effect: The mobile D / A converter fits perfectly into the small accessory pocket of the headphone."

"In any case, the meze has been a big surprise for me. In terms of sound, quality and equipment, it is easy to handle with twice as expensive products of the competitors step and imparts a high value through the material used."

"The new Meze 99 Classics should not only delight the eye, but the design described above also ensures that the headphone is extremely sturdy and robust and therefore a long life should be guaranteed."

Despite a sightly contained dynamic, the good edginess of strikes contributes to refresh and invigorates the ear, where comfort prevails on analytical listening. We totally agree!"