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“I think it has a very good value and it’s in my opinion one of the best headphones you can get at this time. If you ever look out for a life-like, vibrant, musical, resolving and dynamic headphone under $1000, I strongly recommend it.”

"Conceived with timelessness in mind, the 109 PRO is meant to surpass short-lived trends and fast-changing industry fashions, rewarding the user with long-term, emotional value."

“Though I expect the best from Meze, I’m nonetheless blown away with what they accomplished with the 109 PRO. Meze continues to set their own quality standards by instead focusing on overall balance and tasteful brightness, which I find harder to pull off and all-the-more impressive."

“The new Meze 109 Pro open-back headphones are a triumph, in every respect. The sound quality is pitch-perfect. The openness of the soundstage and the sheer level of detail is astonishing. Listening to music with these unique headphones will have you falling in love with your favorite albums all over again. ”

“As for listening, these are headphones that excite, able to give that touch of personality that manages to make them stand out from the pack.”

“I’m impressed by the new Meze Audio Advar. Meze created a winner in many aspects here. Whatever you throw at it, it pulls it off with excellent technical performance, a definitive and resolving nature with a smooth and balanced sound. It’s just flowing, silky, and natural.”

"The Advar is a powerful and potent single dynamic driver IEM. This is a full-bodied, unapologetically fun IEM that caters to both sides of the audiophile aisle; the fun-chasers and the clarity-seekers. The Advar marks a healthy evolution in Meze Audio’s current portfolio of IEMs, cementing itself as a serious contender in the already-saturated IEM marketplace."

“A balanced sound signature and clear revealing non-fatigue tonality. The high level of clarity and detail retrieval was impressive, and sound sig was nicely balanced with a deep textured bass extension and natural revealing mids/vocals."

“The Advar is nothing but top-tier machining work and I can’t imagine many hours and passes were invested into each unit. It is coherent and naturally voiced, with tasteful emphases and a surprisingly strong technical performance from a single DD.”

“The ADVAR had a lot to live up to, and it knocks it out of the park. Its tight and powerful response is unlike a lot of IEMs on the market right now, especially for one that is not in that thousand-dollar range. Its sound signature is almost addictive with how much slam it can produce.”

ADVAR provides a balanced, warm sound signature that’s incredibly addictive, with the sort of “Empyrean in an IEM” sound Meze fans have been dying for."

Advar packs a serious punch and can electrify any mix you put through it. I would highly recommend it if you need something to bring out a different side of your mixes."

“These Meze headphones are as impressive as they come where composure and control are concerned. Give them a complex piece of music and they are able to keep track of the multitude of musical strands without sounding strained.”

"Higher end headphones aren’t cheap but if you’re comfortable with taking the €2K Liric with you on the go, you will be rewarded with a musical and engaging sound, where spaciousness/airiness, bass impact and an overall heavier bodily presence are the key characteristics."

“The Meze Audio Liric is a welcome addition to a growing closed-back planar headphone market. It brings excellent design and comfort fundamentals from their TOTL headphones into a smaller and more compact size as well as producing class-leading levels of isolation."

“The Liric has the advantage of a crisper treble tuning and a more powerful, harder-hitting bass. It is, altogether, a more fun headphone if also a less accurate one. It is impressive how much soundstage has carried over to the closed and highly isolating form factor too."

Liric simply combines features like no one before it. Above all, it takes good from both closed and open models, so it isolates when listening, is comfortable and, most importantly, sounds as if its sound space has no boundaries."
- Original review in Czech -

“The Meze Liric sets a new standard for not just the world of closed back headphones, but the headphone world as a whole. This Liric features the best of both natural, transparent qualities and enhanced, engaging dynamics paired with an incredibly tight and realistic room feel."

“Meze together with Rinaro built new drivers from the ground up, and that resulted in a more balanced, faster, more precise and cleaner sounding headphone. The clarity of the ELITE is really nice and it does complex and fast passages in a better way.”

"A place in the sound Mount Olympus on Musicalhead is certain for the MEZE ELITE [...] With the ELITE, the Romanian manufacturer has, without question, another hit in the headphone sector."
- Original review in German -

“What first grabbed me about the Elites was the full-sounding, natural tonal balance, which isn’t necessarily the norm with audiophile headphones [...] The Elites are very pricey, but they’re indisputably among the best headphones you can buy, and you’ll be able to get good results with them using any amplifier."

"Sonically, it sits right at the top with the other audiophile flagship headphones. If you are looking for a true upgrade, get the Elite. If you want more detail and clarity from your Empyrean, get the Elite. If you want the better and more efficient headphones without having to purchase an additional headphone amp, get the Elite."

"The sound signature perfectly reflects its complex construction, with an innovative new driver that accomplishes Meze’s goal of setting a new standard with premium headphones. Almost all of its characteristics can be argued as standouts."

“The Elite is a step up but a step up in a very competitive high-end headphone market right now in 2021. Thankfully it has a unique sound signature that I think many will embrace.”

“Besides looking real pretty and wearing exceptionally comfortable, Elite sounds it. If pretty and comfortable also are your sonic true north, your headfi GPS now has another key destination. Go visit when you have a chance. Happy travels!”

"What do the Elites sound like? Like the music you play through them and like the source components and amplification you use to drive them. In a relaxed, grainless, musical sort of way. They sound like what I think planar headphones should sound like. Really good planars."

"You can't imagine the pleasure I feel listening to Simone singing with the Meze Empyrean. Even though I must admit that the Elite also has got something of a heaven/And a body more precise/Then the fairest of mortals."

“Are the Meze Empyrean the world’s best headphone? The Romanian company make a strong case in the affirmative... The Empyrean deliver a double shot of detail and dynamics but with a sense of audible refinement that shows compromise the door.”

"If you’re an audiophile with a good set-up at home, and you are looking for a pair of headphones that can match the very best loudspeakers, then you really owe yourself the opportunity to audition these superb headphones."

“I cannot fault their build quality nor the remarkable attention to detail that Meze has applied to these headphones... they have produced one of the most amazing headphones both regarding sound quality and aesthetics."

"We’re pretty spoiled when it comes to good gear and good headphones, but this one is extra special… What a masterpiece. Double thumbs up. A new King is born. This is a headphone everyone will still be talking about in 20 years."

"When it comes to finish, luxury and comfort, there is nothing in which these headphones are not superior. Also sound-wise, they are a stronghold, with a very pleasant, rich reproduction that also fits with contemporary music genres."
- Original review in Dutch -

"Living with the Empyrean proved that it really does marry high style and enviable substance to equal degrees. Whilst photos point at exceptional detailing, it's only in the handling and wearing that sheer build quality registers in full."

"Meze Audio’s Empyrean headphones are the ultimate pair if you’re an audiophile dedicated to hearing every last detail in each song you hear."

"The exorbitant efficiency of the Empyrean enables an almost compression-free gross dynamics with explosive attack. But also the fine dynamic separation of micro details is excellent. Simply great class. As a result, the Meze Empyrean is equally suitable for all music genres."
- Original review in German -

"From a technical, aesthetic and sound standpoint, Empyrean has convinced us a lot. It represents a very interesting alternative to its competitors, but above all, it is able to deploy a degree of pleasure and unique musical refinement between your ears. Warmly recommended!"
- Original review in French -

"In particular Meze has done a terrific job in creating a headphone with superlative image placement and supremely musical […] Empyrean ranks among the most satisfying cans money can buy"

"The Empyrean is a beautiful looking headphone with an endearing tuning quality that I think will appeal to both the hardcore and casual alike. It really is amazing that previously with Meze we were talking about cracking little mid-fi portable headphones and now this. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow as they say."

"If you give the Empyrean time, it will reward you with a rare combination of balance, finesse, and all-round expressiveness. It is only with extreme reluctance that I must force myself to give these headphones back to Meze."

"Do you want real music? Buy Meze Empyrean!"
- Original review in Polish -

"Both sound quality and comfort were prioritized. Technologies improving sound quality go hand in hand with a carefully designed housing that allows long and pleasant listening."
- Original review in Polish -

"Overall, the Meze Empyrean is a beautifully executed headphone. It is comfortable, sounds incredible for a wide variety of genres, and gives life to both dense and sparse arrangements. It feels active without feeling hard, but rather gives an aesthetic sense of softness to mixes that need it, and specificity to mixes that need it equally."

"From the material, assembly, design, I can feel the fined quality achieved only by investing a lot of time with no compromise."
- Original review in Japanese -

"This headphone has the atmosphere surrounding itself that it seems to be like an out-of-space artifact that came from a far future."
- Original review in Japanese -

"I heard things that I never really did before with a headset in this price range. What a performance by Meze, this Empyrean. With a unique sound, there you have it! Spot-on, bulls-eye. Goosebumps, shivers, music and tears."
- Original review in Dutch -

"The Empyrean plays in a different league. Full-bodied, the new flagship of Meze Audio praises itself with the name Empyrean, as the "highest heaven". The best part is that the Empyrean truly deserves its name."
- Original review in German -

"Empyrean is probably the most innovative headphone of the last ten years. Exceptional and irreproachable finish, hellish look, true innovative technology platform dedicated to listening, performance to match its ambitions."
- Original review in French -

"It gives a refreshing feeling of openness, a feeling that this is not a headphone, but more like an illusion that sound is coming out from a speaker. The highs are delicate but glossy, absolutely beautiful."
- Original review in Japanese -

"The Meze Audio Empyrean headphones are one of the most solidly built, visual¬ly stunning headphones I’ve ever tried... These headphones bring the thunder."

"The Empyrean is natural, detailed, accurate, comfortable, brilliantly designed, a total success that should be a reference for all headphones."
- Original review in French -

"The more I heard the Empyrean, the more I loved it. More than any other headphones I’ve heard, it has an uncanny ability to take less-than-ideal recordings and make you fall in love with them again."

"Having a completely original driver, completed with high quality, rich structure and more, Empyrean delivers satisfaction and high performance in any music-playing environment."
- Original review in Korean -

"The Empyrean headphones deliver when it comes to sonic performance. Everything that’s great about planar magnetic transducers — transparency, coherency, midrange resolution and soundstage depth — is present in the Empyrean."

"If you’re in the market for a top-flight pair of headphones that sound BIG and clean for many hours at a time, I strongly recommend you give the Meze Empyrean a strong audition…you will not be disappointed!"

"Testing Empyrean and going through all my sources was a lot of fun, and for me personally this was the first pair of full-size headphones which I didn’t want to take off my head."

"These are headphones for all seasons, not just for sunny days of classical music: they reproduce pop, funk, rock, rap and techno with tremendous viscerality. And jazz and classical with deep tonal discernment, harmonic refinement and an inner luminosity that seduces and comforts the soul."
- Original review in Portuguese -

"The Meze Rai Solo will be the best sounding for most people. It’s easier to listen to for longer periods and it’s the most comfortable to wear for those long periods."

"With a good, relatively punchy low end and emotive highs, this slightly v-shaped (but still balanced) sound will work wonders for most folks’ listening tastes."

"Rai Solo is well off. Excellent sound performance, exemplary tuning, we have here a gadget halfway between a nomadic companion and hi-fi musical listening."
- Original review in French -

"The Rai Solo is a lively sounding IEM that is able to provide punchy bass, clear midrange and sparkly treble. The soundstage has good width and the depth rendered is great."

“The listening experience is one of refinement and cleanliness. The main emphasis is on natural, clean sound; which is worthy of acclaim.”

“Sound is very good, in a musical and entertaining form - medium bass is emphasized, the mid-range is saturated, and it is satisfyingly hard, precise and contouring.”

“The Meze Audio Rai Solo is at this time in a class by itself because there are not many IEMs at this price with a single dynamic driver that sounds this good. Heck, not many multi-driver setups either.”

“The Meze Rai Solo continues the Meze Audio legacy of stylish yet functional hardware. If you have an appreciation for things of beauty and are looking for something that has a sound close to neutral but with some added flair, this one might just be it.”

“A bold and refined exterior followed by a carefully crafted acoustic signature. The Meze Rai Solo is an interesting IEM that targets the heart of a true audiophile looking for one thing and one thing only, performance.”

“It’s this long-term listenability that really helps the Rai Solo to work. By combining very good levels of comfort and consistent rhythmic engagement, this in-ear is a very easy headphone to listen to for extended periods."

“Sound, build quality, fit and accessory package are all top and above the asking price. If you like fast, lively and detailed sound then Rai Solo is a great proposition with its features making it a real opportunity."
- Original review in Greek -

“The Meze Rai Solo is a well-designed quality product. It feels good, sounds good, fits well, and it offers a unique design that makes it a welcome addition even to the largest iem collection…something completely different. I simply like handling and using it."

"After the award-winning Empyrean, Antonio Meze and his team have done it again. The 5 driver Rai Penta isn’t only comfortable, it looks beautiful and sounds like a high-end IEM should sound."

"RAI Penta has a very powerful driving force. Since it's so easy to drive, Rai Penta can perform very well with any device, rewarding the listener with a crystal-clear sound."
- Original review in Korean -

"If I had to summarize this listening and the discovery of Meze Rai Penta in very few words, I would simply say: splendid, with magical moments."
- Original review in French -

"It has a beautiful, harmonically complex, and natural sound with a little bit of a bass bump for extra impact. Additionally, it fits extremely easily in the ears and makes for a wonderful listening experience."

"What the Rai Penta delivers are impressive dynamics and a level playing field for all the frequencies. Their transparency allows them to play well with all genres and bring out the best in all of them, it is not a jack of all trades, master of none experience either. "

"Personally, I adore the harmonic balance and timbre of the Rai Penta throughout. It sounds very natural without too much warmth or sharpness."

"The more I listened to the Meze RAI Penta, the more I wanted to listen to music, which is perhaps the best praise you can make of an audio component."

"The Rai Penta is a fantastic accomplishment, and well worth the wait! In terms of technicalities – clarity, resolution, attack, decay, and imaging, Meze absolutely hits it out of the park here."

"The Meze Rai Penta seduced us by their ability to effectively reproduce all the energy of the songs listened to. Spatialization is also remarkable for in-ears, as well in width as in depth and even in height."
- Original review in French -

“The Meze Audio RAI Penta scored in the listening test with their present, charming and subtle sound. Despite their high brilliance and lively overtone range, the Pentas are never overly drawn or obtrusive."
- Original review in German -

“I place these in my highest category, Pretty Awesome. You get a fantastic bang for your buck with these IEM’s. To summarize, the tone, bass, clarity, precision are all hitting above their weight class."

Rai Penta is offering high resolution, very good dynamics and holography and, above all, natural, organic sound - warm, colorful and vivid."
- Original review in Polish -

“Listening to music with Rai Penta is not just an interpretation of music but the act of receiving all the elements that make up music as raw as possible."
- Original review in Korean -

“Few other IEMs can match the elegant, refined curves and attention to detail of the Rai Penta’s chassis. But there’s a lot more to this earphone than looks: lurking beneath its flashy surface is a refined, engaging and technically adept sound.”

“Currently the Meze Audio Rai Penta earphones are amongst one of the preferred of all the flagship earphones we at have experienced in recent times.””

“After reading customer testimonials about the sound quality and longevity of the pieces, I must admit that I’ve been convinced. The Meze Audio 99 Classics are worth it if you need a pair of headphones you can wear all day long.”

The Meze 99 is an unexpected joy. It has a sensational musical performance, even when played with very humble audio equipment, and is comfortable enough to allow the listener to spend many hours at a stretch in the company of the Meze 99 without a care.”

"I have a very hard time thinking of a headphone I've had more fun listening to; the urge to bop my head and tap my toes was irresistible at time."

"The Meze 99 is now one of my favorite headphones. I'm blown away by so many aspects of the 99."

"The 99 Classics sound simply glorious – uncannily spacious, brimming with energy and vivacity and a cranked up sense of performance that’s genuinely surprising and frequently riveting. "

"It’s easy to be distracted by the Meze 99 Classics good looks, but they’re also great-sounding headphones."

"These Stylish Wired Headphones Might Be The Best You'll Ever Hear And They Don't Cost A Fortune."

"The Meze 99 Classics are handsomely designed headphones that deliver an exciting audio experience."

"Siding with audiophiles and considering competition in our realm, I view the 99 Classics as very high value. And make no mistake, I'd much rather listen to them than the Focal Spirit One and Aëdle VK-1 in our collection."

"Meze 99 Classics have a pneumatic, even-handed, ear-neutral sound. Highs are crisp and shimmery; their even, laterally wide sound pressure and energy are probably the biggest reason people suggest the 99 Classics have a large sound stage."

"The 99 Classics can fit a wide stage in all directions, with increased resolution, sharper instruments and the high pitch of the treble. It plays out of expectations."
- Original review in Turkish -

"For a sub-£300 pair of headphones to evoke such an emotional response is impressive. And that’s my point: the Meze ‘phones are for those who demand an emotional experience when listening to music."

"The Meze 99 Classics are beautifully crafted headphones that offer a delightful experience in every sense, from their wood and metal construction, aesthetic details up to their excellent fit and comfort."

“There’s something so inviting and addictive about these 99 Classics. I think the biggest surprise for me is its capability of resolving depth in the music … It is an amazingly fluid, articulate, fun, rich, and natural sounding headphone. - Finest Cuts Award.”

"These incredible headphones win on every metric, build quality, unique aesthetic, mobile phone control, travel, and of course sound quality. "

“I consider the Meze 99 Classics among the best headphones you can buy – hence the high rating. Their peculiar design and sound signature make them stand out from the crowd and affords them a niche where they reign supreme.”

“Exquisite build and solid well thought out design makes the Meze 99 Classic a headphone for the ages.”

“The Meze 99 Classics are a perfect match between the world of audiophile purists and the consumer world, allowing a good portability.”
- Original review in Italian -

“The 99 Classics of Meze is the best closed headphones under 1,000 Euros I have heard so far.”
- Original review in German -

“Sound quality is by far and away the stand out feature of the Meze 99 Classics. This is a seriously good sounding headphone that leaves you wanting to keep listening to the next track.”

“The Meze 99 Classics are simply superb. The body of the sound they transmit covers the frequency band in an almost magical way.”
- Original review in Spanish -

"Here the soundstage superiority found with the Meze 99 Classics steals the show, capturing his percussion on "I'm an Old Cowhand," making me remove the headphone to see who was delivering "more" cowbell behind me."

"The Meze 99 Classic is a really easy to drive be it a reasonable smartphone, DAP or efficient portable amp, the choice is yours. This is also one of those few headphones that I can have no complaints about with regard to smartphone amping performance..."

"They actually make me think of a smaller and closed version of Sennheiser HD800. Yes, I liked them that much."

"The Meze 99 Classic rank as amongst the more under-the-radar, but higher-performance headphones currently available for less than $310. How do the 99 Classics achieve this lofty position? Comfort and sound, naturally..."

"They look beautiful, sound great and are much more exclusive than other headphones of this type. For me it is one of the most interesting models in this price range. Highly recommended!"

"Here we get color variants, increased serviceability, and great build quality wrapped up in one with the Meze 99 Classics."

"These headphones are for those that appreciate excellent sound quality and design, not for those who need a pair of cans for the bus ride to work or who want some headphones to watch their favorite TV shows on."

"The 99 Classics organic and natural sound is truly special. It’s admittedly relaxed at first listen, but as soon as you stop thinking about what you might be missing, you’ll start hearing just how immersive it is."

"To conclude, seductive in its classical presentation, the Meze 99 Classics helmet enjoys a very serious realization..."
- Original review in French -

"I also achieved very good results with the Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2 , which supports the lively sound of the Meze headphone. Nice side effect: The mobile D / A converter fits perfectly into the small accessory pocket of the headphone."
- Original review in German -

"And, of course, the dynamics: 99 Classics sound very lively on moments even raw, without sounding flat and compressed."
- Original review in Serbian -

"From the moments I saw—and then heard—Meze Audio's 99 Classics, with their graceful style, balanced sound, and natural wood-grained glory, they had me."

“It turns out that the Meze 99 Classics are not only very technical in all sonic aspects, but also clearly deep and particularly musical, which should be a particularly strong asset for any portable device. In addition, you have their powerful sound, created by great dynamics and substantial bass. Surprising quality!”
- Original review in Polish -

"Cans with classy sound and looks: super sound for a modest price."
- Original review in Dutch -

"The Meze 99 Classics are the pinnacle of form meets function, pairing a lush, warm, vibrant sound with possibly the most beautiful design of any headphones we've come across."

“The Meze 99 Neo is more than just a good sounding headphone. The look and feel of it combined with the sound provided all add up to make it an experience that’s quite unique.”

“Overall, the differences aren’t huge. Meze 99 Neo is as much, if not more, 99 Classic as a twenty times washed Van Halen t-shirt is a Van Halen t-shirt. It should please those looking for a rougher, more tumbly listen that follows the original as closely as possible.”

“Blessedly, Neo is just as capable in the soundstage as the 99C, being one of the widest and deepest closed-back headphones on the market.”

“What really impressed me is the sound stage, considering that the 99 Neo are closed headphones. The soundstage is ample and deep.”
- Original review in Italian -

“The 99 Neo is a great addition to Meze’s lineup. As Meze’s “entry-level” headphones, I find it to have a pretty great value, especially for those who don’t particularly want the extra luxury of wooden ear cups or fully-Kevlar cables. All in all, I can say I recommend the Meze 99 Neo.”

“Once again, I fully recommend giving 99 Neo a chance, especially if you are looking for a headphone in this price bracket, as it is one of the most interesting entries you can find and you might fall in love with the sound!”

“But perhaps, most pertinent to this review, Meze have provided us with a great, natural, organic sound that demonstrates how linearity is just as impressive as neutrality.”

“The 99 Neo’s sound is clear and richly balanced, and these closed-back over-the ear headphones do a good job hushing external noise.”

“We are talking about a handsome, absurdly well-finished, beautifully built, spectacularly comfortable handset that has some of the most musical midtones and treble that I have ever heard in the world of headphones."
- Original review in Portuguese -

"Classic and Modern at the same time: The Neo rocks and is a bang for the buck."
- Original review in Dutch -

"Meze Audio 99 Neo headphones represent the combination of breathtaking design, spectacular build quality, and exciting sound signature... Unique and attractive design, remarkable construction quality, great comfort, and a joyful sound signature at an affordable price – that’s what Meze Audio 99 Neo is all about."



“It really sounds like the 99 Classics, though understandably on on a smaller scale. It is 79$, and so is not going to break the bank.”

“Everything from the excellent packaging, build quality, incredibly life-like bass and overall sound quality really impressed me with the 12 Classics by Meze; and all for under $100!”

“They make a good complimentary pair, each offering something a little different but retaining a similar sound signature from their parent company.”

“Nice rich and detailed bass. It’s addictive.”

“I said it before and I’ll say it again. I love the Meze 12 Classics.”

“Eventually Meze 12 Classics are musical, with a very pure and dynamic sound, to enjoy the wonderful sound of vocals and instruments.”
- Original review in Bulgarian -

“The 12 Classics has a smooth organic sound that ensures a fatigue-free listening whilst still retaining crisp at the top end.”

"I really enjoyed playing with these headphones. The sound was rich and fun, all made even better value by the superb carrying pouch and accessories, plus the fact that it has been created by an award winning innovator and designer."


11 NEO

“Had this review been done early enough, I’d have wholeheartedly recommended these phones for Christmas stockings. They’re better built than 99% of similarly priced earphones, and they push more detail into the mids and upper mids than is typical at this price range.”

“I’ve nothing negative to say about these, but then again…that’s Meze products for you. They seem to be on point no matter what they put out.”

“The Meze Neo 11 is a well designed and constructed earphone. Proving once again you can have quality design and sound at an affordable price.”

“I can’t think of another pair of in-ear-monitors at this price point that perform so well.”

“You see it’s not that I don’t like them or anything but they are just so nice, so constantly very nice, all I ended up doing was listening to music and not listening to them like I was supposed to be.”