I've been a fan of a good sound quality ever since I've discovered music. Even in my band, I do my best to push the quality to a professional level with all the resources I have. At first, it was the design that attracted to the Meze Audio products, but the quality of the sound made me want to continue using them. No ear fatigue, no harsh frequences & everybody turns their head to check out your headphones like you're driving a lamborghini.

The band was founded in 2014 when Andrei (vocals, traditional instruments) and Ovidiu (guitars) were involved in the black metal band Prohod as the main project, the two wishing to start a folk metal band. Shortly after, Drago? (bass), Alex (guitar – also bandmate in Prohod, WarChant) and Paul (drums) join. Recently, Edwin (accordion & backing vocals) from WarChant also joined. Sadly, starting June 2016, he is forced to leave the band, due to personal issues, unrelated to the band. As a consequence of this, the very talented Ioana Popescu (keyboards), who is a student at the Brasov Music Academy, joins the band. Roxana is the newest member, “part-time”, her appearance on the stage depending on her other band, Era Divina. She is in charge with the violin and backing vocals, making the band sound complete.


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