Jinxy Von D'ers

Jinxy Von D'ers

We’ve tried both Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold and Meze 99 Neo and we really liked what we heard. The phones are incredible well balanced for live performances and studio work. Also, if you just want to listen to your music, the sound provided by Meze audio phones is very natural, without any digital additives. The lows are lows, the mids are very clear and the highs clear and warm. Basically, you hear the real mix of the songs you are listening to. Moreover, they are very comfortable to wear even for long sessions and they look very professional.

JINXY VON D’ERS is an Alternative Rock band from Bucharest, Romania, founded in 2016. The band consists of Iris Danciu (vocals), Catalin Bolta?u (guitar), Drago? Popa (bass guitar) and Nestor Petru? (drums). Some of their major influences are Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam. In 2017, JINXY VON D’ERS released "Glow", a new single with lyrics video and official video. In 2016, they released other two singles, "So Alive" (debut single) and "Don't Fall in Love" with a former vocalist. They were invited to join several TV and radio shows and all their singles have been included within the playlists of the most important alternative radios in Romania. They are focusing on live performances, being already booked for a series of summer festivals in Romania, and also on writing the debut album. Their motto is: “The doctor says rock 'n' roll will do WONDERS for you. That's why we're here.


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