99 NEO

A fresh take on the 99 series for the uptown audiophile, 99 Neo brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge style. With a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, the 99 NEO embodies subtle sophistication. Learn more>

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Transducer Size

40 mm

Maximum input power

50 mW

Frequency Response

15 Hz - 25 kHz


3.5 mm gold plated


103 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW


260 gr


26 Ω


ABS Plastic

Rated input power

30 mW


1.5 m thread Kevlar OFC with Mic and remote

Cable pouch

6.3 mm gold-plated jack

Hard EVA carrying pouch


Customer Reviews

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robert vincze
High quality

The headphones are very good. did not expect such a good quality! Proud it is a Romanian brand!

Miks Z.

I've been using these cans for right about a month as of the time I'm writing this review.

They sound great and are clear, without any real muddy-ness to them, "warm" as other reviewers have said before, but not overly so.
These headphones are very easy to drive, being only 26 ohms, so they can get painfully loud even just being powered by a phone. Using my mixer, if i even dare to turn it up past 1/3 i risk hearing damage.

The construction is superb, the only thing that that causes worries being the plastic inner swivels, but I personally haven't had any issue with them, and have not found anyone complaining that they've broken, so it may just not be something to stress over.

It's a highly comfortable pair of headphones, even when being worn for 12-20 hours at a time, only comfort issue being that sometimes my ears rest up against the inner part of the ear cup, which isn't the most comfortable, but it can be resolved by just re-seating the headphones on my head. Would be better if the cushions would be ever so slightly thicker, but oh well, it's not a major issue.

The accessories are good, the hard case especially.
However. The cable it comes with.
Just 1.5m, really? Fine, whatever.
The mic on the cable is ~ as good as on any standard smartphone. But the button on it... 1st off, it's just one single button. Only play/pause. That's it. 2nd, it feels horrible and mushy to press, sometimes needing to be pressed 2 or 3 times to register.
Overall 4.5/5, very reasonable pair.

Tomáš Krchňák

Man, if you're still doubting this gem, you need help.

Have been using these for more than 2+ years daily and these do deliver every single bloody time. They really do not care what you throw at them - they seem to able to handle pretty much everything decently. I have never ever been dissapointed with these in any single way, and that is truly fabulous.

Can't believe these are not used worldwide as no #1 standard. EXCELLENT!

David Isenschmid
99 NEO

I got my 99 NEOs today. The build quality of the product is very high. The headset is light and very comfortable. The sound quality is great and the box and cables are of very good quality too.
Everything considered I am very happy with my purchase. Definitely very good price/value ratio.

nicky k.
99 neo

Unfortunately the 3.5mm jack broke on day 2 as there is zero strain relief.im 40 and iv never broken a jack in almost 30 years of having hifi equipment extremely disappointed to say the least. the headphones are built good , the cups and pads are grate the headband is grate, its the pivot's that I'm concerned about they have been fine so far so I might be being paranoid after the cable experience which is very likely to be it .the sound which is all important is good a little darker than I expected after the reviews but and it's a big but there never harsh they can show you some details and image and punch is grate so I do recommend them for someone who dosnt wish to be analytical I can't use them in the studio as I mix off colour but I do check after mixs and there grate for that to test more closely to what average people will hear compared to us hifi/musician types. So overall I do recommend them but please look after them especially the 3.5mm jack there comfortab for long sessions built good grate style good enough details and image for the price idk what else I can say but you will know if any of this sounds like something you wish to try

99 NEO