109 PRO

109 Pro is a demonstration of our commitment to go beyond the faithful reproduction of sound to deliver pure emotion. It all started with a purpose – creating joy. It’s about letting yourself get lost in sound, about that intimate connection you have with your favorite artist, song or instrument when all distractions are removed. Learn more >

Sale price799€

Kindly note that slight visual variations may occur in our products, reflecting the unique craftsmanship behind each item.


Transducer Size

50 mm


40 Ω

Frequency Response

5 Hz - 30 kHz


375 gr


112 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW


Black Walnut Wood


1.5 m & 3m soft TPE cable, with 3.5 mm jack

6.3 mm gold-plated jack adapter

Hard EVA carrying pouch


Customer Reviews

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Rafael Ciudad Diaz
Munich High End 2024 discovery for me

I visited the Munich High End expo last weekend and it was a great experience to get to know not only lots of amazing products but also the people behind them. I went there without any particular target but as my main music listening is through headphones and IEMs, I spent most of the time in the hall 4 where the headphone exposition was centered. I could listen to the world'´s most acclaimed ones like Focal Utopias, Hifiman Anandas, and all Meze line of products but the ones that were a great surprise for me were the Meze 109 Pro. I liked them so much that I ordered them when I got home. By the way, something very interesting is that a lot of exibitiors were using Meze 109 PROs to demonstrate their products. For example, the Chord exibition was full of Meze 109 PROs to test their Mojos, Hugos, etc... this says a lot to me.

Ben killeen
Superb sound and Exquisite design!

Went into the local (2 hour drive away) audio shop looking for a replacement pair of headphones for my old B&O h6.

Decided do try out some open backs from Hifiman and started to listen to the HE400se and Sundara, playing back to back and trying to justify to myself the added cost of the Sundara.

Then the shop owner handed me these Meze 109 pro, said they were new from Meze and had been winning some awards.
So i tried them out, GOD DAMN!
The sound was soooo good, smooth and detailed with such clarity!
It has a warmth to the sound that feels like being wrapped in a fur rug by an open fire, but no loss of detail or over done lows.
It was perfect.

The price hurt a bit as I wasn’t expecting to pay that much when i went into the shop, but damn i had to have them!

No regrets!

Simeon Oresharov
Impressive sound !

I have been listening to 109PRO for almost a year and every time I am impressed by the space with which they transmit the music!
A dealer in Sofia had organized an exhibition and there was an opportunity to hear different brands and classes of headphones. For two days I walked and was shaken by the sound of MEZE! I invested almost double the amount of what I had prepared, but thanks to long listening and the dealer in Sofia, I went home with 109PRO.
They are also incredibly comfortable (I have other headphones and I think my assessment is objective), and the workmanship is at an extremely high level!
I'm a hobbyist, addicted to quality music :)

Hotaran Dan

Din punct de vedere al aspectului și al confecționării sunt exceptionale!!, cele mai confortabile căști pe care le-am purtat până acum.
Privind sunetul, încă de la inceput am ramas surprins de separație și modul in care redau aceste căști sunetul instrumentelor.
După aproape 100 ore de folosire, pot spune ca sunt extrem de impresionat!!
Căștile pe masura ce le folosești sunt in continuă dezvoltare, după rodaj căștile și-au deschis scena de sunet, enorm față de cea prezentată inițial, separarea intrumentelor este excepțională, pot spune că se afla la cel mai innalt nivel, pur și simplu pe unele melodii poți "vedea" prin urechi. Este ca și cum melodia devine o entitate prin aceste căști, pur și simplu primește viață, se descompune, iar fiecare sunet din care aceasta este compusă se deplasează individual in diverse locații parcă plutind in aer in perfectă armonie si sincronizare unul față de celelalte, precum dansatorii dintr-un spectacol de balet. Sunetele se deplasează pe axele: față-spate, stanga-dreapta, sus-jos si pe langa asta se pot distinge și mișcări de apropiere-departare pe toate aceste axe.
Îți transmit o stare de emoție și de bucurie, ceva pe care nu poți pune preț.
Se vede că ceste căști au fost gândite si create de oameni care pe lângă pasiune au pus, suflet si inimă in ceea ce au făcut si sincer, la acest preț chiar cred că și-au dorit să facă ceva deosebit accesibil omului de rând.

Vă mulțumesc!

Paul North
Endgame Open Dynamic Headphones

Thank you Meze Audio.

I have to say after owning and listening to my style of music (EDM, House, Rock, 70s/80s New Wave), I have come to the conclusion that from a bang for buck perspective, the Meze 109 Pro are delivering everything I need for an open back headphone.

They really do amaze me more and more each day I'm listening to them!!!!!

Antonio Meze was spot on in his interview with headphones.com when he described the design process for the 109 Pro, that they wanted to deliver a sound signature that was natural, clean but "Fun" to listen too.

These headphones are now my end game for my open back spot in my collection.

My advice is just push the button and make the purchase, you will not be disappointed.

109 PRO