Tradeshows in pandemic times

Tradeshows in pandemic times

We’re so tired from all the traveling and tradeshows we attended these last couple of months.

Right! Just kidding. We’ve been here stuck around our offices since February.

And just when we were on the brink of desperately photoshopping ourselves in airplanes and at tradeshows, in the middle of the audiophile community whom we haven’t seen in a while, the folks from Axpona came up with an awesome idea to make up for the lost time…in 15 minutes.

June 18-19, 2020! We buckled up for Worldwide Audio Fest. Over 50 audio brands went live, from all over the world, on their Instagram account. Each brand had a 15-minute timeline to present interesting things from within the company: current product lineup, announce future audio gear to be launched or just chat a little about what they’ve been up to lately.

The Worldwide Audio Fest lineup included brands such as HIFIMAN, Qobuz, Audio-Technica, Astell & Kern, Klipsch and many others.

Scheduled for Day 2, a Friday evening in Romania while a Friday morning in Chicago, Meze Audio went live via @mezeaudio Instagram account on June 19th. We quickly got into that audio tradeshow atmosphere! Mircea Fanatan, our managing director in Meze, took everyone through our current lineup: 99 Classics and 99 Neo, the Empyrean new colors, our IEM range: flagship Rai Penta and its little brother, Rai Solo. And then…something we usually never do: show in-development stuff. Headphones and IEMs we’re tinkering with. Some will make the final cut and become real products, some will not. But they all got a few minutes of glory during this session.

We didn’t know what to expect really. It was a first for us. Will anyone join? Will people really be curious about our geeky “trial and error” devices while developing new headphone models? Are you?

If yes, then find the full video uploaded on @mezeaudio IGTV section here.

What do you think? Any favorite moments we should’ve insisted on more? Any boring stuff? Would you be interested to see more of these short live sessions from our Meze office here in Baia Mare, Romania? Do tell!

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