Reminiscing of a lustrous gem from a mystical folktale, ADVAR hides a powerful, detailed, lifelike sound inside a uniquely designed stainless steel chassis. A balanced blend of function and beauty, ADVAR is an IEM like no other.

“When we developed ADVAR, our goal was to create something meaningful. A piece of audio that’s artful, spiritual, and timeless. I think the result we achieved reflects the spirit of Meze Audio so well.”

Antonio Meze, Lead Designer & Founder Meze Audio


For the ancient civilizations of Romania, an ADVAR was similar to a talisman or amulet –believed to be all powerful, it was a symbol of the absolute meant to bring blessing to those who wear it.

As descendants of these civilisations, we made it our mission to preserve the essence of our culture and pass it on. Capturing that very essence, this IEM is ready to bring balance to day-to-day life in the form of harmoniously tuned audio. ADVAR is a piece of visual and sound art in its own rights, ready to unravel its mysteries piece by piece, with each listening.



With an endearing sound quality that matches various listening preferences, ADVAR delivers audible finesse that leaves no room for compromise.

Inside the shell, a precisely tuned 10.2 mm single dynamic driver creates a warm, dynamic presentation that stays true to Meze Audio’s already established signature sound. The diaphragm offers impressive control all across the frequency range, leaving room to a smooth, velvet-like sound.

Detail wasn’t sacrificed – ADVAR unveils particularities with incredible accuracy, giving life to new, surprising notes waiting to be discovered in your favorite songs.

Besides, ADVAR is very easy to drive and pairs well with any device, thanks to its high sensitivity and low impedance.


With a form inspired from the rounded surface of raw hematite, ADVAR’s stainless steel shell features an ergonomically contoured design that allows the earphones to be inserted and removed with ease.
Our search for the optimal fit has led to a rock-solid shape that ensures the highest stability. The housing rests lightly on the ear and, together with the over-ear hooks, reduces discomfort during longer listening sessions. The sinuous design also helps enhance the noise isolating properties of the earphone.


With five different sizes included in the box, ADVAR ear tips were carefully selected to provide an optimum, airtight fit, and conform easily to your ear's shape. Developed by Final Audio, the Type E model paired with ADVAR also brings an improvement to bass tones and reduces harsh tones in the high frequency range.


Throughout history, countrymen from Maramures made use of intricate ancestral symbols carved in wood, passed on from generation to generation, to protect their sacred space. This hallmark that accompanies ADVAR reveals the one thing that makes us most unique - our Maramures-born soul.

The outer circles are similar to our representation of the “hora”, a traditional dance that carries a cosmic symbolism to Romanians – the circle of people united in hand represents a dance of the planets around the Sun, a magical union of the tangible with the spiritual. In the center of the circle, the Sun itself. Protector against darkness, a source of light that enables all things to thrive and grow.



10.2 mm Dynamic driver


31 Ω

Frequency Range

10 Hz - 30 kHz


111 dB SPL @ 1 kHz, 1 mW

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

<1% @ 1 kHz, 1 V

I’m impressed by the new Meze Audio Advar. Meze created a winner in many aspects here. Whatever you throw at it, it pulls it off with excellent technical performance, a definitive and resolving nature with a smooth and balanced sound. It’s just flowing, silky, and natural.


The Advar is a powerful and potent single dynamic driver IEM. This is a full-bodied, unapologetically fun IEM that caters to both sides of the audiophile aisle; the fun-chasers and the clarity-seekers. The Advarmarks a healthy evolution in Meze Audio’s current portfolio of IEMs, cementing itself as a serious contender in the already-saturated IEM marketplace


A balanced sound signature and clear revealing non-fatigue tonality. The high level of clarity and detail retrieval was impressive, and sound sig was nicely balanced with a deep textured bass extension and natural revealing mids/vocals.

Twister 6 Reviews

The Advar is nothing but top-tier machining work and I can’t imagine many hours and passes were invested into each unit. It is coherent and naturally voiced, with tasteful emphases and a surprisingly strong technical performance from a single DD.

Everyday Listening

The ADVAR had a lot to live up to, and it knocks it out of the park. Its tight and powerful response is unlike a lot of IEMs on the market right now, especially for one that is not in that thousand-dollar range. Its sound signature is almost addictive with how much slam it can produce.


ADVAR provides a balanced, warm sound signature that’s incredibly addictive, with the sort of “Empyrean in an IEM” sound Meze fans have been dying for.

Bloom Audio