Music has always brought people together, in more ways than one.

The road from creation to enjoying the final product is filled with opportunities for likeminded individuals to connect, collaborate and share. So, of course we were delighted when we realized our headphones were chosen to be part of some truly cool and inspiring recording projects with beautiful stories behind.

Sometime this year, we received a package at our headquarters in Baia Mare, containing a CD with the Empyrean on the cover, a beautiful compilation of jazzy tracks and audition sound effects, produced using our flagship as reference.

As an audio gear company that started from the love for music and design, this felt like a milestone. Hey, our Empyrean is now studio-confirmed! All thanks to the hard work of the folks from Sts-digitalshop in the Netherlands, who compiled the Headphone Heaven Vol 1 CD with the Empyrean in mind.

If you are curious to see the tracks chosen for an Empyrean test drive, you can check them out here.


Another exquisite initiative that we have been part of is the recording of a 300-year-old classical instrument, a viola da gamba, in a 13th-century old church – the magnificent Geertekerk from Utrecht, Netherlands. TRPTK, the mixing and mastering studio in charge with the project, chose Empyrean as their monitoring headphone.

Brendon Heinst of TRPTK wrote about the whole behind the scenes experience on the studio’s blog. The experience was about finding the perfect location, getting the perfect power, using the perfect microphones, listening through perfect monitoring and, like in the case of any outstanding achievement, going the extra mile.


On occasions like these, we find that we are part of a crowd of inspiring people, who imagine, create, build. And sometimes we are lucky to be included in fulfilling their dreams.

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