Lion Messager

Lion Messager

I had the pleasure of discovering these headphones in the Evidence MUSIC studio, where I literally fell in love with them. The sound quality and design immediately struck me. I was surprised by the roundness and clarity of the sound, enough to make recordings in suitable conditions. Sober and unique, they are really ideal for recording, creating or simply listening to your latest tracks. Having worked with many headphone brands, Meze Audio Classic 99 is by far one of the best. I am honored to represent this brand and to have the chance to work with these headphones.

My name is Lion Messager, an artist established in Switzerland, in the city of Geneva where I was born. My father is Congolese and my mother is Romanian. I started my career with rap in 1997 and then turned into dancehall reggae more than ten years ago. I have been passionate since a young age, influenced by many artists such as Bone Thugs and Harmony, 2Pac or even Dr. Dre for rap, and Sizzla, Capleton, Buju Banton for dancehall reggae, to mention just a few of them. An artist with a strong pen, I mix melodies and lyrics and do not hesitate to take a position on sensitive subjects in our society.


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