Kalya Scintilla

Kalya Scintilla

When I look/listen for a great set of headphones I'm always searching for a pair that can serve me well both in the studio and when I'm just casually listening to music, either at home or on the road. The Meze audio 99 Classics lend themselves greatly to both these realms. The sound is detailed and comfortable. The detail in the top end is unlike any headphones I have owned and the overall soundstage is deep, wide and spacious. A lot of the music I listen to is very detailed in the mids and tops and deep and present in the bass. The 99 Classics translate superbly from bottom to top giving me a listening experience that puts a smile on my face. I do prefer a little more softness on the cushions, but to be fair I have not had any head fatigue or aches from long sessions.

Kalya Scintilla creates music as a fusion between the electronic and acoustic worlds, inspired by mythology, storytelling, ancient cultures, and mother earth. So far his career spans more than a decade and 42 countries, having played as many of the world's psychedelic and tribal music festivals. Not confining himself to one box or genre, the Kalya Scintilla project moves through many emotions, textures, tempos, and expressions. Yaegon draws from a live music background, bringing this into the electronic music realm, always focusing on a deep, rich and organic sound.


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