Devils Envy

Devils Envy

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Devils Envy (DVLSNV) is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida formed in 2016. The band emerged with a heavy metalcore sound on their debut “Dead Inside EP.” Their first release, “Look at Me Now,” debuted on indie radio, Radio X Rock’s Top 10 Hard Rock charts and stayed there for nearly eight weeks. Since then, they continue to receive support from independent U.S. active rock radio stations and SXM Octane. The band’s style evolved into a heavy metal/hard rock sound by the group’s 5 th release, “Psycho,” which debuted on SXM Octane’s Test Drive. This track pushed the group to new heights and gained respect from some of the band’s hard rock heroes. Feeling confident from a string of successful releases, Angel Graves found himself humming a familiar melody over an original song he’d been working on. That catchy tune turned out to be penned by Billie Eilish and prompted Devils Envy to cover, “You Should See Me in a Crown.” Although unexpected, covering this song gave listeners a glimpse into the unique artistic imagery and intensity that is Devils Envy. Fresh off their appearance at Inkcarceration 2023 in Mansfield, Ohio, Devils Envy continues to write, record, and release new material. Be on the lookout for more new music and tour dates in the near future.


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