Adrian Uritescu

Adrian Uritescu

When I got my first pair I started editing drums and monitor thru the MEZZE 99 Classic Walnut Silver headphone, I was able to hear every detail of the drummer interpretation, giving me the best decisions regarding quantization, I was amazed by the linearity and the intelligibility of these headphones I also like to hear reference tracks thru them, these headphones are the most comfortable headphones I ever wear. Basically, you can stay an entire day with them over the head and forgot about them.

My name is Adrian Uritescu know by friends by the nickname Bila I am 39 years old. I have started doing serious studio and live mixing 10 years a go. I am producer and guitarist in a band called TARG3T I am FOH and monitor engineer for DIRTY SHIRT, I also collaborate with some other bands, venues, and festivals across Romania. I own a recording studio called LOWBASS5.


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