Sahida Apsara

Sahida Apsara

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Sahida Apsara is an Australian poet, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and arts educator. Born in Singapore, coming from a half Indian/half Malay background, Sahida traveled the world from the age of 20 before settling in Australia 7 years later. Since then, she has established herself in the arts community, receiving the Victorian Government Multicultural Award for Excellence for her work in community-building through the arts. She founded a fundraising initiative supporting disenfranchised women locally and worldwide and curates all-female poetry events in Melbourne. Sahida has studied Indian classical dance and was also the recipient of the UNESCO grant to learn poetry in New York. Sahida Apsara has teamed up with legendary record producer DUB FX to record an eight-track album of original music and poetry. Her music speaks of her travels, self-empowerment, positivity, and social justice.


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