Moonlight Breakfast

Moonlight Breakfast

The 99 Classics are one of our favourite headphones ever to be produced. The design is impeccable and the feel is great, they are extremely light and comfortable. They’re an amazing tool in the studio, as well as a top pick for everyday use, they create a truly immersive listening experience, which is one of the most important things for us.

Moonlight Breakfast is a Romanian duo, based in Austria, an urban, rough but sophisticated mix of Dream Pop, Cosmic Disco, Electro, Beat, Nu - Jazz and Swing that will keep you grooving. Bazooka’s music education and vast performing experience provided a unique perspective on music production. Their distinctive sound has managed to capture the attention of a broad and diverse audience and has pushed them into the spotlight on the international music scene. Their first concert ever was in 2011, for an audience of 35.000 people, opening for Jamiroquai. Awarded “Best Music Band” at the Elle Style Awards, they were named “best music act for export” by the music director of the top alternative radio station. They have spent the past 10 years performing throughout Europe and building up their constantly growing fan base. Their catchy tunes have been featured in various radio, television and online advertisements throughout the world, be it for Infiniti-global, GAP in China, Marriott in the United States, or Ford in Europe, TV Series such as MTV Scream or Queen of the South. Their most recent album got them into the US TOP 100 Itunes and Amazon Pop Charts, in the SHAZAM US Charts, with multiple Hype Machine no.1 singles, playlisted in BEST OF THE WEEK, FUTURE HITS and GLOBAL SHAZAM DISCOVERY TOP 50 on Apple Music.


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