Iga Massardi

Iga Massardi

99 Series Classics that I use, it sounds natural, there is no overly dominant bass and aggressive mid-high. Everything is balanced and comfortable. Talking about comfortable, so far I can listen to music and watch movies in a long duration without feeling sore and hot on the ears. All the details and separation are also nice, liberal translation: wide sound. Not only it's functional, but the appearance of Walnut Gold is also a plus point, it makes me look 2 weeks younger. Congrats Meze Audio, the sound clarity is outstanding.

Iga Massardi is a musician, songwriter, and producer from Bekasi, Indonesia. After falling in love with the guitar at an early age, he cut his teeth as a teen by playing in various cover bands, before getting involved in the independent music scene and the pop industry. Iga eventually rose to prominence as the founder, leader, and frontman of the award-winning band Barasuara. The band has become a showcase for Iga's distinctive strengths as a guitarist, composer, and lyricist, while also becoming something of a style icon due to his penchant for wearing batik shirts as his stage costume. With Barasuara, Iga has performed hundreds of shows in Indonesia and abroad, including opening for one of his all-time favorite bands, Tame Impala. In between Barasuara's schedule, Iga produces music for other artists and TV commercials and maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to his love of guitar effect pedals.


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