FINGERS Mitchell Cullen

FINGERS Mitchell Cullen

After using the Meze Classic 99 model headphones, I now get full clarity audio and a stereo field depth that other Brand headphones weren't providing. I now love using these headphones while recording in the studio or even just jamming. Not only is the audio great but comfortable as well. Can wear them for hours without any issues. One more thing I love about Meze audio Headphones is the accessories that you get with them - eg. Short, long cables, adaptors, and a hard case.

FINGERS Mitchell Cullen is an Australian singer-songwriter with bags of natural talent. He has played multiple international festivals from Hungary to India and is fast becoming a star on the world stage. Mitch can be seen playing up to four instruments at any one time as a multi-instrumentalist and Live Looper .His videos have already amassed over millions of views on YouTube with his signature tune Freedom Rides massing over 14 million views alone. At just 28 Australia's own Fingers Mitchell Cullen is fast becoming a star on the world stage. A singer-songwriter with his own completely unique style, Fingers is known in his homeland for his outstanding speed and 12-string guitar skills, as well as being a master on the indigenous Australian instrument the Didgeridoo.


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