Ariana Delawari

Ariana Delawari

I really love my 99 classics. They are visually so beautiful, I love the walnut with gold and black touches. The balance of wood and metal creates a combination of strength with a more delicate looking finish. I love that they don't look like anything else out there. They come with different options of chord lengths, which is also awesome, and the chords are covered in beautifully woven material with gold touches. Most importantly, they sound clear and vibrant. The ear pads are the most comfortable I've ever experienced with headphones. My 99 classics arrived just in time to write new music with them, and I am so excited to use them.

Ariana Delawari is an Afghan American filmmaker, musician, and activist.  Delawari recorded her debut album Lion of Panjshir in Kabul working with Afghan elder Ustads and her American bandmates. She finished the album with filmmaker David Lynch producing a track and releasing the album on his label. Delawari also directed an award-winning documentary feature film about the making of this album, her family story, and her documentation of Afghanistan since 9/11. The film is called We Came Home and will be released soon. Most recently, Delawari released a double album called Entelechy I & II and wrote and directed an accompanying surreal docu-musical short film by the same name (Entelechy). One version of the new album, Entelechy I, is an experimental pop journey produced by electronic producer and DJ Butchy Fuego, and the other version, Entelechy II, is a stripped down acoustic version of the same songs featuring Afghan tabla virtuoso Salar Nader. Delawari is also an activist. She gave a TEDx talk and performance at the inaugural TEDx Kabul, and also started a peace campaign in Afghanistan called Inspire Peace.


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