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The Meze 99 Classics - The first months recap

The Meze 99 Classics - The first months recap

It's been three months since the Meze 99 Classics Gold have started shipping, four months since one of the first reviews of the headphone surfaced, and seven months since the highly successful Indiegogo campaign for the 99 Classics was launched.

In all this time we have seen the popularity of the Meze 99 Classics grow exponentially. We were convinced that the 99 Classics will be well received by the people who followed our crowdfunding journey, after all, the campaign reached the total funding goal in just two days.

But the real feedback came after the first reviews of the Meze 99 Classics were published. As stated before, we were confident that we had launched a high quality pair of headphones but then again we could be subjective. The customers and the reviewers demonstrated that the headphones were, indeed, the achievement we believed them to be.
In the following lines you can read some excerpts from the reviews that were published on the Meze 99 Classics.

"I think that Meze 99 Classics just became my favorite closed headphones at the moment. Actually let’s forget for a little while that they are closed and just say that they are wonderful headphones in general.

Besides the eye candy looks, good quality and very nice finish, they also offer an incredible sound quality which made me loose myself inside my music often offering me goose bumps along the way." - Dan Gheorghe, Headmania

"To be spotted, every new company has to offer something unique or at least very, very good. In my opinion 99 Classics are exactly that. They look beautiful, sound great and are much more exclusive than other headphones of this type. For me it is one of the most interesting models in this price range. Highly recommended!" - Tomasz Karasiński, StereoLife Magazine


"The 99 Classics offer excellent audio performance, with very well-defined, crisp highs and rich, powerful bass response." - Tim Gideon, PCMag

"Design wise, these are a very pretty pair of headphones. The black metal is accented with lots of gold and of course the dark wood of the ear cups. The connecting joints on the skeleton of the headphones is the only place where you’ll find the Meze branding, nice and small just how we like it." - Adam Molina, SoundGuys 


Photo credit: Soundguys.com

"While listening to Sorni Nai, Pripyat, and other albums, I had to keep reminding myself to critically listen for the review, which was a very good sign. It was all too tempting to just sit back and enjoy the music." - Dave, Metal-Fi

"Meze seems to know the game well and created a quite remarkable product at an attractive price. The 99 Classics proved to be equally suited both for on-the-go and home use, offering good noise isolation and an enjoyable and accurate sound character. They are targeted at those audiophiles that are looking for a versatile headphone and, indeed, they constitute a very good choice!" - Dimitris Stamatakos, AVmentor

"I wasn’t expecting such speed, nor was I expecting such a nice, 3D sound stage. But I got both and I love both." - Nathan Wright, Headfonia

"With the Meze 99 Classics, fun and entertainment is pushed to the maximum. This doesn’t come without consequence. Bass is slightly bigger than neutral, and the highs feel slightly different than your typical audiophile house sound. But the benefits are quite impressive. As with the build, it seems that Meze was able to somehow learn from previous efforts in the market and then push the cart forward even further." - AudioHead

"With its stellar looks, high-quality carrying case and accessories, and especially its sonic prowess, the Meze 99 Classics are a STEAL. Plain and simple. I'm glad they caught my eye via social media months ago, and I'm psyched to see many of my peers in the personal audio community welcoming this enterprising company." - Mike Mercer, OccupyHiFi


Phoro credit: OccupyHiFi.org

"The Meze C99 Classics are simply a great headphone!
Styling is elegant and simple, luxurious and jewelry-like. A little over-the-top for my taste, but I recognize this is a tasty headphone. Build quality is very good with lots of cast zinc, steel, and wood. The headphones are fundamentally screwed together and can be disassembled with relative ease for repair. Hard-side clam-shell carry case and accessorization is terrific." - Tyll Hertsens, InnerFidelity

"On the right recordings like our Mayte Martin, hard-panned left or right events plus deliberate phase trickery could show up unusually wide, hence well outside the actual wooden cups. This combined with a center imaging area that was often more amorphous. It could result in a strange dislocation not of my shoulder but of my head - for a quasi out-of-head sensation that was different than usual. During early days and with one trigger track that did this unusually strong, I even took the 99 off perplexed just to check that the sound wasn't simultaneously coming from my desktop speakers, so peculiar was that 'dislocated' unfocused sensation. That has never happened with any other headphone before." - Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

"I like the very comfortable self-adjusting suspension headband, comfortable ear pads, just right clamping force, pivoting cups, and the fact that the 99 Classics are primarily a metal + wood design held together with screws instead of glue." - Nikolaus Matheis, Golden Ear, Highly Recommended Award


Photo credit: Golden-ear.net

Besides the English reviews, the Meze 99 Classics received many impressions from Polish and German online magazines such as HiFi Philosophy, Klub Audio Stereo, ModernHiFi, PCLab, SoundRebels, and Stereo i Kolorowo - Underground.


Photo credit: Modernhifi.de

But by far the best response we've had was through Head-Fi.org. Review tours for the Meze 99 Classics have been organized in the forums and the impressions have been highly positive. The headphones have been called beautifuly designed, comfy, and having a fun sound signature. You can read all the reviews posted on Head-Fi.org here.

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