Aoki Karen

Japanese jazz singer Karen Aoki wearing Meze Headphones

Japanese jazz singer Karen Aoki wearing Meze Headphones

If you’re a jazz aficionado then you have surely heard of KAREN AOKI. One wold generally consider jazz an acquired taste but with Karen Aoki there is a difference. Her soothing voice and singing style can calm even the most savage breast. I am quite a jazz consumer, if I may say so myself, and I have to say, relaxing on a rainy day with Karen’s By My Side playing in the background has lately become one of my most appreciated pastimes.

I must admit that I have found out about her music only after she has accepted to become the official Meze Headphones model in Japan and did a photo shoot session. Associating our brand with an accomplished jazz singer was more than a delight for the company.

If you haven’t heard any of her work yet, then you should give a listen to her jazzy, bossa nova inspired songs right away. Mind you, you should prepare a hot cup of green tea before hand and enjoy it while you listen to her songs.

Here you can view some of the photos taken of Karen wearing a pair of Meze Headphones.

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