Innovation lies in the smallest details - Empyrean's pressure distribution wings are now PATENT PENDING

Innovation lies in the smallest details - Empyrean's pressure distribution wings are now PATENT PENDING


For those who’ve known us for a long time, it’s no secret that Meze Audio is constantly fueled with passion for sound, for art and innovation. In the beginning, it was all about wanting to build a pair of headphones that people could connect to emotionally, that would inspire people in the right way without having to compromise sound, comfort or looks.

Now more than ever, we aim to raise the bar in terms of audio quality, design and durability.

When we launched our first planar magnetic headphone, we took this “no compromise” approach to an entire new level. Empyrean was both a sophisticated piece of audio art, and one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones in the world, thanks to the unique engineering behind the frame.



Combining our distinctive aesthetic approach with Rinaro’s experience, we designed and integrated the first Isodynamic Hybrid Array® driver into an extremely comfortable chassis, delivering an unparalleled Hi-Fi experience. The resulting technology is one of the lightest and most advanced on the market, making Empyrean a true game changer for audiophiles, highly acclaimed even 3 years after its launch.

To us, comfort is just as important as sound quality, so when we were designing Empyrean our top priority was to find a way to give it highest level of comfort, so that listeners could immerse themselves into their music for hours on end.

A part of known headphones is being supported on the listeners head through a curved shape element that follows the natural shape of the head, so the headphone actually rests directly on top of the head. Having a rather rigid feel, this curved shape causes the pressure to concentrate only on a few small areas, which can cause discomfort when large headphones are worn for long periods of time.

To increase wearing comfort in Empyrean, we designed an innovative support system, elongated and curved at both ends, that we called “pressure distribution wings”. What it does is descend further on the side of the head and distribute the weight of the headphone evenly.

These unique suspension wings successfully increase the leather headrest’s contact surface area with your head and relieve pressure points. Made of two overlapped fusiform pieces of leather, each end of the headband has an extension reinforced with a metallic sheet spring of the same shape as the extension, inserted between the two pieces of leather. Both the extension and the metallic sheet spring are provided with three holes for screw fastening, keeping them in place.

This patent pending revolutionary support mechanism sets a new standard in high-end audio, demonstrating that headphones can and should be light and comfortable.

More details on our patent process can be found here

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