Regarding the ADVAR. I really like how they sound. They are intense and rich, the sound is focused, has a lot of power and color.  ADVAR feel like expensive, classy things, and they look and sound appropriate.

Satoshi is a rap/trap/nu-metal music project created in 2019 in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. His first single, "Văru Amaru", was released in March 2020, and his first album "RUSH" in February 2022. "Satoshi" is well-known to the general audience in the Republic of Moldova and Romania for songs like "Mama Mi-a Spus", "N-avem Scuze", "Noaptea Pe La 3" featuring Carla's Dreams, and their performance in the Urbanist Sessions by PORC TV. While stylistically "Satoshi" leans towards pop-trap, their songs are re-orchestrated in a nu-metal/alternative key for his live performances.


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