Low Roar

Low Roar

The Meze 99s are exceptional headphones. The highs are pristine, the mid-range perfectly balanced, and the low end present without being overbearing. They look and feel great, and the tight isolation makes listening wonderfully immersive.

Born in the Bay Area to a mother of Mexican descent and a Lithuanian father, Low Roar frontman, Ryan Karazija spent his formative years playing in bands around Northern California, before hopping a plane to Iceland, where he relocated in 2010. That same year, he recorded Low Roar’s self-titled debut in his Reykjavik kitchen. Quietly building buzz, he cut the critically acclaimed follow-up, 0, in a converted garage during 2014, before going on to grace the stages of Eurosonic, Airwaves France, The Great Escape, ATP, Lowlands, Iceland Airwaves and beyond. Along the way, iconic Japanese video game creator Hideo Kojima [Metal Gear] heard Low Roar’s 0 playing while visiting a record store in Reykjavik. Smitten with the sounds, the video game legend requested a personal meeting with Ryan in Los Angeles as Low Roar’s “ I’ll Keep Coming” and“ Easy Way Out” soundtracked the two high-profile 2016 trailers for Kojima’s Death Stranding video game starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and director Guillermo del Toro. Between everything, Ryan spent most of 2016 by himself—traveling everywhere from Iceland, Sweden, and Poland to the Bay Area and Mexico before settling permanently in Warsaw. During this time, he carefully assembled what would become his third full-length record, Once In A Long Long While, out via Nevado Music.

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