Lorand Czibere

Lorand Czibere

I enjoy headphones as much as the next person but I like mine to sound fun, you know? When I get the chance to listen to my favorite albums, I like sit back and really let them take me away. For me, listening to music is like a ritual, I focus just on that when I do it. With the 99 Neo I can do just that, rediscover all my favorite albums for a second and even third time.

Lorand's contribution in Riot Monk: smashing his only bass one week before an important gig, drinking too many energy drinks and ranting about "moar merch", and taking too much time to tune his bass guitar. "I heard many people telling me that I will never achieve anything with my playing style and my carelessness when it comes to acting a certain way on stage. The way I see it, I excel at my own thing and I don't need to brag about it.


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