Vladimir Gheorghiu

Vladimir Gheorghiu

When I come back late at night after a concert, I start editing the photos. What I always do when I’m editing is listening to the band that’s in my photos to enter the mood of their music and to transpose it into my pictures. Meze 99 Neo gave me that environment. The crisp sound, the good isolation and the comfortable wear keep me perfectly concentrated and pumped up so my photos can deliver at least a bit of the passion of the music I’m listening to.

My name is Vladimir Gheorghiu and I’m a self-taught Romanian photographer and vocalist. I’m a late bloomer as I’ve been starting to develop my passions towards the end of high school/early college days. My primary field of work is concert photography which I began to shoot after moving in in Bucharest as a student. Starting from the local and intense underground scene to the more bigger names in music, I am now in my 4th year of concert photography and I can’t get enough. Alongside music, I also work in the fields of portrait, event and product photography.


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